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our culture

At AL, we engage an approach that requires the highest level of understanding in the areas of operations, technical competence and service delivery to provide accurate, reliable, timely and cost effective service to various industry group and sectors. Our ongoing relationships with our clients and our understanding of their businesses ensure that we are compliant with the latest legal insights and changes on issues that may affect our clients' viability and are relevant to applicable laws and regulations. The service is guaranteed to scale to provide dynamic solutions & compliance for the smooth functioning of business. With state of the art infrastructure, technology and resources who undergo constant training from experienced senior professionals, the firm represents several business corporations, financial institutions, venture capital, private equity funds, government bodies, educational institutions, high net worth Individuals across the globe with sound advice on Indian legal matters.

  • Commitment

    Our firm is committed to delivering top-notch traditional and non-traditional legal services tailored to clients of all financial abilities. We take our time to listen to and understand our clients’ concerns and customize a solution that directly responds to their individual needs.

  • Passion

    Innate with our DNA is an unequivocal desire to change and reinvent what it means to be a modern law firm. It also means to redefine how we deliver value and success to our clients; to be unapologetically focused on diversity, inclusivity and innovation, and to be held accountable as we strive to set a new precedent for the industry.

  • Determination

    Embedded in our firm from day one is an ambitious responsibility and sustainability strategy to drive positive change throughout the industry.In everything we do, we challenge the status quo; when it comes to the environmental and societal impacts we believe our strategic approach is a blueprint for the firm of the future.

  • Perseverance

    Unencumbered by existing protocols, historic processes, and free from the shackles of conformity, we are empowered to be more progressive and agile in our approach, embracing technology and conceiving inventive strategies to give us, and you, the critical advantage.

  • Discover

    To explore all and every possibility is an encouraged and fundamental part of our methodology. Nurturing an environment where people are able to challenge, debate and create, facilitates extraordinary productivity, original thinking and exceptional outcomes.


  • Equal opportunity employment
  • Pay Parity
  • Structured feedback mechanism for grievance redressal
  • No retaliation policy
  • POSH compliance and zero tolerance towards all forms of harassment/bullying
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