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About Us

who we are?

A boutique law firm known for providing result-oriented legal services of the highest quality to corporate and individual clients by focusing majorly on Compliances, Retainership and Dispute Resolution.

AL’s ceaseless fortitude and grit towards the adoption of pragmatic and holistic approach in delivering the results through unconventional mode of practise, is what distinguish the firm apart from its contemporary. The passion to transmogrify the existing vacuum in legal systems and commitment to discovering ingenious legal solutions for stakeholders are the quintessence of Avid Legal with integrity as its cornerstone. This coupled with undeterred perseverance for securing results makes the cause of Avid Legal and its stakeholders impregnable.Lawyers at Avid Legal are aware of the need to pay constant vigil towards the ever-evolving developments in the field of law.

What sets Avid Legal apart from conventional law firms is the high degree of Partner involvement and availability, combined with top quality commercially-oriented legal advice, attention to detail and constant responsiveness. We have young and energetic minds who go beyond the ideas of Pandora box to deliver desired results and that is what makes us different from others because an expert in anything was once a beginner. Lawyers at Avid Legal are aware of the need to pay constant vigil towards the ever-evolving developments in the field of law and research.

Statement from
the house

“A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a moulder for consensus”

-Martin Luther King

Avid Legal (AL) is a new age boutique law firm based out of New Delhi which takes great pleasure in its unwavering fortitude and tenacity in adopting a practical and all-encompassing strategy for providing results to its stakeholders by fusing knowledge, experience and skill. In a world where everyone is trying to carve out a space for themselves, only those who don't give up and are bold and intelligent enough to confront all the hurdles stamp their presence.The creation of AL was the outcome of vision, perseverance, hard work, devotion, passion, and patience with veracity as its pillar. AL is embodied by the ambition to address the lacunae in the present legal system and the willingness of implementing innovative ideas to provide creative legal solutions to its stakeholders and this makes the cause of AL and its stakeholders invincible when combined with unwavering determination for achieving results.

In addition to providing exceptional, commercially focused legal assistance, precise attention to detail, and consistent responsiveness, AL differs from traditional law firms in that there is a high level of Partners’ participation and availability. AL’s lawyers take a particular interest in using their understanding of the necessity to maintain a continual eye on the law's ever-changing developments in order to ensure that our clients receive current and thorough legal advice. The journey to any destination is lengthy and challenging, but at AL, we believe in making our stakeholder’s' journey simple so they can arrive at their destinations. Every time we reach a goal, we are proud of our courage for going above and beyond to get there, and the affirmation from our stakeholders fuels our desire to keep going.The passion for legal practice and its relevance that AL has always ingrained has helped to bring the right people together. We have a set principle of Honesty, Discipline, Integrity, and Sincerity that gives us the firm belief of a successful outcome. Our team is made up of these qualities, which are ingrained in both our experienced professionals and our young talent, giving us the confidence to hold ourselves tightly and sail ahead unabated even in trying circumstances.

AL stands apart from the contemporaries because of the young and stimulating minds that think creatively and unconventionally to achieve the necessary objectives. It is true that the practice of law is considered a noble profession, but it is equally true that it is noble because it pursues a noble cause. Based on this, our office firmly believes in the need for better and wider legal representation and therefore has taken the provision of pro-bono legal assistance as one of its missions, along with other initiatives aimed at improving society. At Avid, we value our relationship over anything else. We believe in instinct rather than prejudices, we believe in hard work rather than optics and most importantly we believe in ourselves to achieve what is needed.

Our team firmly believes in the quote of Mr. Henry Ford -
"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress and working together is success.”

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